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John Neese
Michael Neese
Michael Neese
Benjamin Neil
James Neil
William Neil
George Neilson
Hugh Neilson
John Neise
Alexander Newberry
James Newberry
John Newberry
Aaron Newman
John Newman
Garbriel North
James Oliphant
John Oliphant
Thomas Oliphant
John Oren
Augustin P. Ford
Adam Painter
John Painter
Benjamin Parker
William Parker
David Parkins
John Parks
Giles Parman
Thomas Parthar
James Patterson
James Patterson, Sr.
Nathanial Patterson
William Patterson
Valentine Pauley
David Paulsell
Jacob Paysinger
James Pearce
Richard Pearce
Thomas Peel
James Penney
Thomas Perry
Abraham Peters
George Phann
John Phann
Phillip Phann
Gabrial Philips
Benjamin Pickering
Ellis Pickering
Enos Pickering
Samuel Pickering
Daniel Pierce
George Pierce
John Pierce
John Pogue
Patrick Powers
Reese Prathar
James Pratt
William Pratt
Alexander Prethers
Derby Ragan
John Ragan, Jr.
John Ragan
Enos Rambough
James Ramsey
John Ramsey
Samuel Ramsey
William Ramsey
Isham Randolph
Peyton Randolph
Thomas Randolph
David Rankin
Robert Rankin
William Rankin
Asahel Rawlings
Asahel Rawlings
Frederick Reasor
Solomon Reese
Jacob Reesor
Moses Reeves
William Reeves
Francis Register
John Reid
James Reynolds
Joseph Reynolds
Samuel Rhea
David Rice
John Richmond
Peter Rickey
George Rinker
Thomas Ripley
James Robertson
John Robertson
John Robertson
David Robinson
James Robinson
Thomas Robinson
James Rodgers, Sr.
John Rodgers, Jr.
John Rodgers
Samuel Rogers
Benjamin Rose
John Ross
Patrick Ross
William Ross
Paulser Rubble
Lewis Rue
Jessee Rufh (sic)
Alexander Russell
Hezekiah Russell
Robert Russell
Samuel Russell
Thomas Russell
Ellet Rutherford
Griffith Rutherford
James Rutlege
John Ryan
David Sample
Robert Samples
James Scott
Julius Scruggs
Richard Scruggs
Thomas Self
Valentine Sevier
Frederick Shaffer
Holden Shanks
William Shannon
John Shaw
James Shelly
Abraham Sherrill
Isaac Sherrill
George Shields
Henry Shields
James Shields
James Shields
Thomas Shields, Jr.
William Shields
John Simpson
Ephraim Skiles
William Skiles
Author Sloan
Daniel Small
Phillip Smathers
Adam Smelser
Robert Smiley
Abraham Smith
Charles Smith
Cornelius Smith
Daniel Smith
Frederick Smith
H. Smith
Jacob Smith
James Smith
Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith
John Smith
Philip Smith
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Sebastian Smith
William Smith
William Smith
Frederick Souder
Jacob Souder
Thomas Southerland
Nicholas Spring
Ezekiel Stanberry
John Standfield
Samuel Standfield
Thomas Standfield
Thomas Standfield, Jr.
Thomas Starnes
James Steel
Andrew Stephens
James Stinson
John Stinson
John Stinson
Thomas Stockston
Abosolom (sic) Stonecypher
Solomon Stonecypher
Henry Stonesypher
Edmund Strange
Benjamin Stuart
Robert Stuart
Lewis Stulk
Thomas Stumbert
William Styles
Henry Surbor
Jacob Surbor
Samuel Sutton
Leonard Symons
David Tate
Jacob Teel
James Temple
John Temple
Josiah Temple
Major Temple
Thomas Temple
William Temple
Absolom Templeton
George Thompson
Henry Thompson
James Thompson
John Thompson
Thomas Thompson
John Thornton
Joseph Todhunter
James Trim
Frederick Trobough
Henry Trobough
Nicholas Trobough
John Troy
Jesse Willis
Stephen Tunnell
William Tunnell
John Uttinzer
Samuel Vance
Benjamin Vanpelt
Joseph Vanpelt
John Vansandt
Samuel Varner
George W. Woods
Hezekiah W. Balch
Anderson Walker
Daniel Walker
Isaac Walker
James Walker
James Walker
John Walker
Pernell Walker
Thomas Walker
William Wall
William Waltson
Thomas Warren
Thomas Watson
William Wattson
George Weems
James Weems
John Weems & 2 sons
John Weems, Sr.
William Weems
William West
Joseph Weston
Simon Weston
Thomas Whennery
Abraham White
Bloomer White
Henry White
Jacob White
James White
John White
Nathan White
Samuel White
Thomas White
William White
John Whitehead
Solomon Wilhoit
John Willer
Abraham Williams
Alexander Williams
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams
H. Williams
Henry Williams
John Williams
Thomas Williams
Adam Wilson
Alexander Wilson
Alexander Wilson
David Wilson
David Wilson
Ephriam Wilson
James Wilson
John Wilson
John Wilson, Sen.
John Wilson
Robert Wilson
Thomas Wilson, Jr.
Thomas Wilson
William Wilson
William Wilson
William Wilson
Christopher Winters
James Witherspoon
John Wolliver
Michael Woods
John Woolsey
Stephen Woolsey
William Woolsey
James Wright
James Wright
Jesse Wright
Joseph Wright
Solomon Wyatt
Thomas Wyatt
Thomas Wyatt
Robert Wyly
Samuel Y. Balch
Henry Yeakley
Benjamin Yeates
John Yerrick
John Young

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