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About Jefferson County

Article Index

Sevier County Chapter, APTA

Officers & Members

Mrs. Ben Brabson, Chairman Boyd's Creek
Mrs. Edd Emert, Secretary Sevierville
Mrs. E. W. Payne, Treasurer Sevierville

Anderson, Mrs. Robert Sevierville
Bowers, Miss Serena Sevierville
Brabson, Mr. Ben Boyd's Creek
Brabson, Mrs. Ben Boyd's Creek
Brabson, Miss Louise 2216 Island Home Blvd., Knoxville
Brabson, Miss Elizabeth 2216 Island Home Blvd., Knoxville
Brown, Mrs. Buford Sevierville
Bryan, Miss Mary Sue Kodak
Burchfield, Miss Josephine Sevierville
Burchfield, Mrs. Lon Sevierville
Cate, Mrs. S. W. G. Kodak
Catlett, W. H Kodak
Catlett, Mrs. Emma Ruth Elder Kodak
Christopher, Mrs. Clarence Sevierville
Conner, Miss Ada Gatlinburg
Conner, Mrs. J. Claude Gatlinburg
Cooper, Mrs. Fred Gatlinburg
Cox, Mrs. Roy Sevierville
Cox, Mrs. Bill Sevierville
Emert, Mrs. Edd Sevierville
Enloe, Mrs. Walter Sevierville
DeLozier, Mrs. A. L. Sevierville
DeLozier, Mrs. Fletcher Sevierville
Fox, Mrs. Lee Sevierville
Gilbert, Mrs. John Boyd's Creek
Grinstead, Mrs. B. M. Sevierville
Hailey, Mrs. R. B. Sevierville
Hickman, Mrs. Maurice Kodak
Harmon, Mrs. Thomas A. Kodak
Henry, Mrs. W. P. Kodak
Hughes, Mrs. Tom L. Sevierville
Ingle, Mrs. Ronald Sevierville
Isenberg, Mrs. Gean Sevierville
Johnson, Mrs. C. W. Sevierville
Johnson, Mrs. Warren Kodak
Kyker, Mrs. Clay Sevierville
Lawson, Mrs. Geo. W. Sevierville
Lexau, Miss Dorothy T. Sevierville
Marshall, Mrs. Amos Sevierville
Marshall, Mrs. Roy Sevierville
Morrell, Mrs. John Sevierville
Murphy, Mrs. Crawford Sevierville
McAfee, Mrs. Haven Sevierville
McCall, Mrs. R. A. Sevierville
McMahan, Mrs. Glen F. Sevierville
McMahan, Mrs. Wilbur Sevierville
Ogle, Mrs. Robert, Jr. Sevierville
Pack, Mrs. Charles Sevierville
Paine, Mrs. E. W. Sevierville
Paine, Mrs. Tom Sevierville
Rawlings, Mrs. L. P. Sevierville
Rector, Mrs. J. N. Sevierville
Roberts, Mrs. Carl Sevierville
Rogers, Miss Elizabeth Sevierville
Rogers, Mrs. E. B. Sevierville
Runyon, Miss Willie Mae Sevierville
Schmutzer, Mrs. Al Sevierville
Self, Mrs. C. C. Seymour, Rt. 2
Sharp, Miss Betty Sevierville
Sharp, Miss Mary Sevierville
Sharp, Mrs. Ellen M. Seymour
Sharp, J. A. Sevierville
Sharp, Mrs. J. A. Sevierville
Sharp, Mrs. Ray Sevierville
Smith, Mrs. Ray M. Kodak
Snyder, Mrs. J. F. Sevierville
Temple, Mrs. John Sevierville
Thomas, Mrs. Dewell Kodak
Tipton, Mrs. Robert Seymour
Townsend, Mrs. Buford Sevierville
Trainer, Miss Ethel P. Sevierville
Trotter, Mrs. Hugh E. Sevierville
Trotter, Miss Jessie Sevierville
Trundle, Mrs. Benton Boyd's Creek
Tunnison, Mrs. Alfred Sevierville
Van Arsdall, Mrs. June Sevierville
Wade, Mrs. Dwight Sevierville
Wade, Mrs. Reed Sevierville
Whaley, Mrs. Minyard Sevierville
Whittle, Mrs. Matt Gatlinburg
Weir, Miss Mary Sevierville, Rt. 4
Weir, Miss Amelia Jo Sevierville, Rt. 4
Weir, Miss Beth Sevierville, Rt. 4
Wynn, Mrs. T. M. Jr. Sevierville
Yett, Mrs. Claude Sevierville
Yett, Mrs. John Sevierville

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