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Bible of W. W. Blackburn & Wife, Who lived 4 miles East of Dandridge

From transcriptions prepared by W. A. Lyle, of Jefferson County, and subsequently typed and published by the Works Progress Administration under the title Jefferson County Bible Records.
Transcribed for this site from the WPA volume by Doris Kinser Fountain.  We are extremely grateful to her.
Researchers Note:  this is a transcription of a transcription of a transcription.  Therefore, every item must be verified through separate sources.

Possession: Mrs. Roy Rankin, daughter of W. W. and wife, Jefferson City, RFD #2, Tennessee
Transcription: Sept. 1, 1937

Harriet Evanline Blackburn, died May 17, 1871
Ida Bell Blackburn, died Dec. 31, 1915
Horace Edmont Blackburn, died June 17, 1919
Harriot Roxana Blackburn, Aug. 2, 1921
William Wallace Blackburn, died, July 24, 1927
Neva Denning Blackburn, died July 21, 1935

Louisa Blackburn, born Feb. 19, 1907
Edward Earl Blackburn, born June 23, 1903
James Wirt Blackburn, born May 11, 1905
Frederic George Franklin, born May 7, 1910
Mildred Joy McMurray, born Sunday, May 23, 1910
Horace Ireland Blackburn, born Aug. 1, 1910
Charles Homer Bach (?), Jr., born June 11, 1918
Hal Dean Franklin, born May 19, 1915
Sarah Evelyn Blackburn, born Nov. 19, 1919
William Wirt Blackburn, born April 9, 1838
Harriet Evaline McSpadden, born Feb. 22, 1846
William Wallace Blackburn, born Nov. 15, 1869
Benjamine Rufus Blackburn, born May 10, 1871
Horace Edmond Blackburn, born April 25, 1876
Nellie Margaret Blackburn, born July 20, 1878
Effie Belle Blackburn, born March 10, 1880
Frederic Alexander Blackburn, born May 19, 1881
Catherine Louise Blackburn, born Nov. 22, 1882
Ralph Blackburn, born Feb. 21, 1884
Anna Estella Blackburn, born April 8, 1885
Eva Elizabeth Blackburn, born June 6, 1886
Mary Leta Blackburn, born June 2, 1889
Nina Moore Blackburn, born March 4, 1891
Xena Margaret Blackburn, born Aug. 8, 1916
Mira Elizabeth McMurry
Harriet Jenette McMurray (sic), born Sept. 28 ____
Katherine Louise Needham, born May 16, 1914
Anne Grace Needham, born Sept 1, 1916
C. S. Needham, Jr, born April 18, 1919
Henry Charles Babb, born 1930
Betty Jean Blackburn, born Oct 31, 1930
Daughter of Earl and Alemeda Hawn Blackburn.
Dorcus Ann Cowan, Elnora Cowan, Ferd (?) B. Cowan

Frederic Alexander Blackburn and M. Denning were married June 8, 1910
Nellie Margaret and Mack Roy Rankin were married July 31, 1907
Effie Belle Blackburn and Mack Calvin Franklin were married Nov. 14, 1904
Catherine Louise Blackburn were married to Col. Sawyer Needham, June 16, 1909
Elizabeth Blackburn and Benjamine Wallace McMurray were married June 29, 1908
Leta Blackburn and Homer Babb were married June 14, 1917
Charles Ardrey Blackburn and Edith Blanch Rankin were married June 8, 1904
Ralph Blackburn and Martha Hale were married Dec. 20, 1917
Horace Edward and Adile Ireland
Nina Moore Blackburn and Ferd (?) Cowan were married Dec. 29, 1921
Horace Edmund and Belle Rankin were married March 10, 1902
William Wirt Blackburn and Hattie Evaline McSpadden were married Jan. 13, 1869
James Wirt Blackburn and Dolly Edmonds were married on Oct. 29, 1923, married in Toledo, Ohio, her home was in St. Louis, MO, but she was living in Toledo.
Edward Earl Blackburn and Almeda Horn were married Dec. 24, 1924.

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