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Extracted from Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research in Jefferson County, Tennessee, copyright ©1995 Billie R. McNamara.  All rights reserved.  This page will be supplemented periodically as new information is located.  Additions and corrections are welcome via the Contact Us link on this Web site.

Inside Jefferson County

There are no known records for mortuaries or undertakers located in Jefferson County prior to the 1920's.  Early records of estate settlements and claims paid by the County show payments made to casket makers, "shrouders," and others involved in burial activities.  Many of the early stores in Jefferson County sold caskets.

Identified casket vendors, undertakers and funeral homes are the following:

Name Location Dates of Operation Location of Records
Wilson Ore
Jefferson City pre-Civil War None
Minnis' Store
(sold caskets)
New Market circa 1860 - circa 1960 None
Harry Vance & father Dandridge circa 1912 - circa 1935 Limited records at Farrar, Dandridge
Farrar Funeral Home Jefferson City, Dandridge, White Pine 1924 - present 162 E. Meeting St., Dandridge 37725
411 W. Broadway Blvd., Jefferson City 37760
1906 Main St., White Pine 37890
Records from 1945-2000 are on-line at the Sevierville Library Web Site)
Malcolm & Jacobs;
Robinson & Jacobs;
Robinson & Fielden Funeral Home
New Market 1947 - present
(3 name changes before becoming Fielden)
Fielden Funeral Home (below)
Fielden Funeral Home New Market 1966 - present 910 Churchview Street, New Market, TN 37820
Alfred Sartain, undertaker White Pine circa 1920 - circa 1940 Farrar Funeral Home, White Pine
Marvin Zimmerman, undertaker White Pine before 1906 - circa 1920 Farrar Funeral Home, White Pine
Kenneth Buckner, undertaker Dandridge circa 1939 - circa 1945 Unknown
Estes Funeral Home Jefferson City circa 1936 - 1977
(hiatus 1941-1949)
In 1995:
Mrs. E. P. Estes
434 Buckingham Dr.
Jefferson City 37760

Surrounding Counties

Funeral homes in surrounding counties have also provided services to Jefferson Countians:

Name Location Dates of Operation Location of Records
Stetzer Hamblen County 1905 - present 146 E. Main St., Morristown 37814
Rawlings Sevier County 1911 - present 212 Court Ave., Sevierville 37862
Atchley Sevier County 1920 - present
(records exist from 1936)
118 E. Main St., Sevierville 37862
Holder; became Griffey Cocke County circa 1920 - 1966 Gentry-Griffey Funeral Home, 5301 Fountain Rd., Knoxville 37918
Brown Cocke County 1930 - pressent 338 E. Main St., Newport 37821
Willis-LaRue; Maloy-Suggs (1940); Maloy (1945); Costner-Maloy (1995) Cocke County circa 1910 - present
(records complete from 1924)
322 E. Main St., Newport 37821
Horton; Horton & Hipshire Hamblen County circa 1925 - 1949 Unknown
Smith Funeral Home Grainger County 1904 - present
(fire in 1972 destroyed all but a few records from 1950-1970 period)

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