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Research Assistance

Copied January 11, 1963, by Ola Johnson Graham (Mrs. Foreman H.) and Loree Strader Doyle (Mrs. Price).

The Wooten-Gill Bible was offered in an auction sale in Calloway County, Ky., having been acquired in Chicago by a collector who bought old books, letters and various items for re-sale. An article appeared in the local paper (Murray, Ky.) stating one of the oldest Bibles in the county would be for sale. Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Graham rushed down to ask if they could copy the data in it, since the people named in the Bible were from Tennessee.

The Bible was published in Philadelphia by Hubbard Brothers - no publication date. This Bible was presented to John Wooten.

John M. Wooten and Mamie Aurelia Gill married March 26, 1885, Talbott, Tenn.

Joseph Wooten b. May 12, 1807 near Dandridge, Tenn. d. May 13 _____

Elizabeth Wooten b. May 19, 1812 at New Market, Tenn.

Nathan Turner Wooten b. May 2, 1835 at New Market, Tenn. d. September 10, 1904.

John Roper Wooten b. Dec. 23, 1837 at New Market, Tenn. d. Apr. 20, 1894

Rachel Wooten b. Dec. 28, 1837 at New Market, Tenn. d. Feb. 27, 1896.

(John and Rachel were evidently twins born 5 days apart. This date was double checked by Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Doyle.) [Or, it could have been an error by the person who recorded the births. -- Webmistress]

Joseph Abram Wooten b. May 14, 1855 at Friendship Station, Tenn. d. May 14, 1903. [Probably Friends Station. -- Webmistress]

Sarah Elizabeth Wooten b. Jan. 31, 1857 at Friendship Station, Tenn.

John Monroe Wooten b. Mar. 26, 1859.

Wm. Jesse Wooten b. Jan. 2, 1861 at Friendship Station, Tenn. d. Apr. 14, 1905.

James Oliver Wooten b. Mar. 24, 1863 at Friendship Station, Tenn. d. Dec. 1, 1901.

Charles Newton Wooten b. Mar. 30, 1865 Friendship Station, Tenn. d. May 29, 1904.

Eliz. Judson Wooten b. (no date).

Edgar Everett Wooten b. (no date).

John King Wooten b. Dec. 26, 1885 Morristown, Tenn.

Nathan Gill Wooten b. Dec. 1, 1888 Morristown, Tenn.

Lynn Alton Wooten b. March 16, 1903.

Julia Evelyn Wooten b. Apr. 9, 1911.

Samuel Gill, Sr. and Dinah Yerber married ________________________.

Samuel Ward Gill b. Jan. 6, 1842 Bean Sta., Grainger Co., Tenn. d. April 1904.

Mamie Aurelia Gill b. July 16, 1866 at Poor Hill, Sullivan Co., Tenn.

Penelope Louise Gill, b. Jan. 15, 1869 at Bean Sta., Tenn.

Leander Montgomery King b. July 1818 d. July 12, 1884.

Penelope Louise King b. Feb. 15, 1818 d. July 19, 1905.

Nancy Ellen Malissa King b. June 22, 1847, Poor Hill, Tenn. d. Aug. 8 _____.

Source: "Ansearchin'" News, Vol. X, No. 2 (April, 1963), pg. 52.

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