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About Jefferson County

Jefferson County Chapter, APTA

Officers & Members

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Mrs. Clarence A. Bales, Chairman Jefferson City
Mrs. Charles Oder, Vice Chairman Jefferson City
Miss Sarah Ruth Bryan, Secretary Dandridge
Mrs. R. G. McGoldrick, Treasurer New Market

Albright, Mrs. Nellie Nichols Jefferson City
Bales, Clarence A. Jefferson City
Bales, Mrs. Kate Newman Jefferson City
Bales, R. Carol Holston Hills, Knoxville
Bales, Mrs. Etta Wolfe Holston Hills, Knoxville
Bales, Roy R. New Market
Bales, Mrs. Lettie Henry New Market
Bassinger, Mrs. Grace Loy 704 Garden Ave., Fountain City
Bryan, Mrs. W. J. Jefferson City
Bell, Mrs. J. C. White Pine
Bell, Rolf Jefferson City
Bell, Mrs. Margaret Godwin Jefferson City
Bible, Mrs. John T. White Pine, Rt. 2
Bible, Mrs. Lloyd Dandridge
Biddle, Mrs. J. C. White Pine
Blanc, Mrs. Adrian Jefferson City
Bowen, Mrs. Leona Roberts Jefferson City
Breeden, Mrs. C. M. Talbott, Rt. 1
Brooks, Mrs. Charles J. Jefferson City
Brooks, Mrs. Floy Jefferson City
Bryan, Miss Sarah Ruth Dandridge
Brophy, Mrs. F. B. Jefferson City
Bush, Mrs. Fred C. Dandridge, Rt. 2
Bush, Mrs. Alger E. Dandridge, Rt. 2
Butler, Mrs. Birdie Maples Jefferson City
Campbell, Mrs. Virgie New Market
Cates, Mrs. John H. Jefferson City
Catlett, Mrs. W. H. Sr. Jefferson City
Catlett, Mrs. Will H. Jr. Jefferson City
Catlett, Mrs. Ben S. Jefferson City
Cawood, Mrs. Alvis G. Jefferson City
Chambers, Mrs. P. L. Dandridge
Couch, Mrs. Allie Peoples Jefferson City
Courtney, Mrs. Hugh Jefferson City
Chasteen, Mrs. J. Dandridge
Day, Mrs. J. Alvin Strawberry Plains
Dannehold, Mrs. Cyrl Jefferson City
Denton, Mrs. A. C. Jefferson City
Denton, Miss Ruth Jefferson City
Dyer, Mrs. W. E. Talbott
Dinsdale, Mrs. James Dandridge
Ellis, Mrs. J. Will Jefferson City
Farrar, Mrs. Roy Jefferson City
Fain, Miss Margaret Dandridge
Farris, Mrs. Wayne Jefferson City
Felknor, Mrs. Edward Dandridge
Fite, Dr. Harley Jefferson City
Fite, Mrs. Harley Jefferson City
Franklin, Mrs. Chester Jefferson City
Franklin, Miss Nell Jefferson City
Franklin, Mrs. Hood Jefferson City
Formwalt, Mrs. Bess Ross Jefferson City
Goddard, Mrs. Ruth Dandridge
Gardner, Mrs. Dan M. New Market